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Did you know? There are many reasons why people choose to tint their car windows. Wether the reasons for tinting your windows is cosmetic or functional, we’ve got you covered. You can expect the same level of detail in our window tint work as with our other services.

At PSG, we offer exceptional quality window film by 3M™. These are Ceramic IR and Crystalline window film. Crystalline series features a proprietary, multilayer optical film (MOF) with nano-technology that combines over 200 layers in a film that is thinner than a Post it ® Note. Crystalline Series is a non-metallized film that performs better than other dark films, allowing you to reject heat so that you need less air conditioning.

Being informed before taking the decision on whom to trust can make the difference in buying the right product once or multiple times. At PSG our installers have been trained with the most up-to-date techniques for window film, ensuring we protect your vehicle’s interior, electrical components, and sensors during every install. This is why we specialize in window tint installation for Teslas and Rivians, exceptional cars that have exceptional needs. Get in touch with us to discover our different available packages.


Most frequently asked questions and answers

3M is a well-known and reputable brand that offers high-quality window tint films. Their products are often recognized for their durability, optical clarity, and advanced technology, including UV protection and heat rejection.

3M window tint films offer various benefits, including heat reduction, glare reduction, UV protection, enhanced privacy, and improved aesthetics. Some films also have scratch-resistant and self-healing properties.


3M window tint films are designed to block a significant percentage of harmful UV rays, which helps protect the vehicle’s interior and occupants from the sun’s damaging effects.

Yes, 3M window tint can contribute to improved energy efficiency by reducing solar heat gain. This can lead to a cooler interior, reduced reliance on air conditioning, and improved fuel efficiency.

Here in the Jacksonville Florida area, it is legal.  However, window tinting regulations vary by location, so it’s essential to check local laws to determine the permissible darkness levels for car window tint. 3M offers a range of films with different tint levels to comply with various regulations.

3M offers window tint films with varying levels of darkness, including clear and nearly invisible options. Choosing a lighter tint level can help maintain visibility at night while still providing benefits during the day.

The lifespan of 3M window tint depends on factors such as the type of film, quality of installation, and environmental conditions. Generally, high-quality films installed by professionals can last for many years without significant degradation.

3M offers a variety of window tint films suitable for different types of car windows, including side windows, rear windows, and sunroofs. However, some regulations may restrict the darkness level on certain windows, so it’s essential to check local laws.

Yes, many 3M window tint products come with a limited warranty. The specific terms and coverage may vary depending on the type of film and other factors. It’s advisable to review the warranty information provided by 3M.

Yes, 3M window tint can be removed. However, it’s recommended to have the removal done by a professional to avoid damage to the glass. The ease of removal depends on the specific type of film and the quality of the installation.