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Paint Protection Film (PPF)


You only have one chance to protect the original paint of your prized vehicle.

No matter how good the paint job is, the most important coat is the factory paint. With Paint Protection Film, also known as «Clear Bra or PPF», you can safeguard your investment.

Paint protection film is a thick, durable, flexible, and virtually invisible layer of protection that you can put on your vehicle to protect it against rock chips, scuff, scratches, fading and swirl marks.

Keep in mind that the longer you postpone it, the higher the chance for your original factory paint to get ruined. You need to do it as soon as possible, and for luxury and high-end vehicles, it’s a must.

One of the best features of the paint protection film we use at PSG, is its self-healing property, which means that those scratches and impacts taken by the film, will heal themselves and disappear with the heat from driving down the road, or even treating the area with a little warm water will also had the same healing effects. This new technology is so revolutionary for the protection of your prized vehicle, that BWM implemented this technology in the new iX model’s grill.


Most frequently asked questions and answers

The installation time depends on the level of coverage that you picked for your vehicle based on your needs and the installation time also depends on the complexity of your vehicle’s body. During the installation, water is used to apply the film to all the areas covered, and because the film needs to securely adhere to your vehicle, we allow for optimal drying time so we can do any touch-ups and a final inspection before we get it on your hands. Below you can find the average installation times for different packages:

– Full front: 2-3 days.
– Full body: 1 – 1 week and a half.

 If you’re looking for peace of mind to protect your vehicle from scratches, swirl marks, rock chips, bugs damaging the paint, and debris hitting your vehicle while driving, Paint Protection Film (PPF) is absolutely right for you!

If you are somebody who is looking for show car perfection then this might not be the right fit, since during the installation there can be minor imperfections. Because of the way vehicles are designed, there are going to be certain areas that need seam lines, also, even with air filtration and cleanliness present in the facility, we live on planet Earth and there are possibilities for dust particles to get trapped underneath the PPF. Remember it’s all about paint Protection not paint perfection.

Paint Protection Film is guaranteed under the manufacturer for 10 years against any bubbles, peeling, or yellowing of the film. Now, this 10-year mark does not mean that the film suddenly stops protecting your paint, think about it like your vehicle’s 100,000 miles warranty, that doesn’t mean that your vehicle won’t run after that amount of miles, it means the manufacturer is no longer warrantying it.

Another thing that contributes to the longevity of your PPF is how you take care of it. If you’re someone who lets dirt and debris pile up month after month on your vehicle before washing it, the film will have a shorter life than someone who hand-washes their vehicle every few weeks.

Pricing varies depending on the complexity of your vehicle, and the type of technique needed for the installation. Certain pieces need more material like hoods which are done with one big piece of Paint Protection Film and require meticulously tucking the film into areas to get a seamless look. Other pieces like fenders are precisely cut with a computer program where the edges don’t need tucking in.

At PSG we go the extra mile to be detailed-focused on the installation of Paint Protection Film. We take off trim pieces, cameras, and emblems to get a superior result on the installation, we also provide free follow-up appointments where we do an inspection of the film and work on any details that might have emerged during the curing stage of the film.

Paint Protection Film is virtually invisible and comes in multiple finishes to match your vehicle’s paint finish (if you have glossy paint we would install glossy PPF and for matte paint, we also have matte finish PPF!). Normally where you would see the paint protection film is going to include the edges of panels or edges where you have the seam of the film. You will sometimes also see a small bubble of moisture when you pick up your vehicle, generally, any moisture will evaporate during the curing stage.